Don’t get stuck in your RSS reader

After talking to some people about Blogging at Open Coffee Brussels, I realized that I almost never read an article in my RSS reader. All I do is selecting a category (depends on what mood I’m in) and I start scanning through the headlines. When something interesting pop’s up I hit (right-arrow) which fire’s up the article in my browser.

Reading an interesting article on the website itself gives me more feeling, it makes me more connected with the author. The design that surrounds the article was made for a specific reason: to add a visual, personal touch to the website’s content. I want to experience every word, every pixel & design decision – not just to read “plain text with images” in my rss reader.

Yes – content can be strong on it’s own, but design can add extra value to that content. It can help to express what the author wants to say, how he sees and experiences certain things in his life. Every color, font, width, margin, … was chosen for a specific reason (hopefully).

Besides design – Another interesting part is reading news about a specific subject, whenever I feel like. In the morning I tend to read technology news, whilst in the noon I like reading design related articles. Once back home I start reading all xhtml/css related articles.

So my dear readers, what are your RSS reading habbits?

Zeker lezen

De mensen die vertrouwd zijn met rss kunnen zich abonneren op twee verschillend feeds.
Een eerste feed met de laatste nieuwe artikels en een tweede feed met de laatste reacties. Twee mooie rss readers zijn bloglines, goed voor online gebruik, en NetNewsWire, voor op mac.