Do you have 5 minutes?

“Excuse me, could I borrow 5 minutes of your time?” – A question we all regularly get & more important: often while working. I don’t know about you, but 80% of my time I’m sitting behind a desk, working on my computer. Did you read the verb “work” in my last sentence? To me, working means I’m busy with something – concentrated – in a constant flow of preforming certain tasks to get my job done.

I started working almost 2 years ago – ever since I’ve seen a lot of different workplaces; small rooms, big rooms, lots of people, few people, noisy, calm … – I can live with that, in fact, I love working in a workplace that’s open with & lots of people around me. It gives me energy – that’s a good thing.

But there’s always one thing that disturbs me: when someone interruptsĀ  my work, my flow. I hate it when people come standing next to my desk, asking me questions – “borrowing 5 seconds of my time”. When you go to someone’s desk – asking him a question – you should think of the following remark: something that does takes 5 second of your time, does not necessarily takes 5 second of my time.

I have to stop what I’m doing, think about your question, perhaps even answer your question. Maybe you want to show me a website, or some other stuff – all related to your question. Those 5 seconds just became 10 minutes. Continuing where I stopped, isn’t always that easy. Depending on what I’m working on – I can’t always instantly make the switch, or continue afterwards.

I’m concentrated – there’s a certain vibe, flow while I’m working. It keeps me going, it keeps me focused.

I know – some questions are urgent & you sometimes need answer instantly. But when something’s not urgent you could send me an e-mail, asking me your question. Perhaps ask me when you can come over to discuss.

If you want your question to be taken seriously – this is for you. If you are on the other side of the fence: share it.

Sidenote: This could rather be something personal – maybe you don’t mind all of the above. But I find it rather annoying when I get interupted all the time.

My Beliefs

Andy Rutledge on “the web and the economy we’re entering”.

Those designers who also understand front-end development, CMS integration, and scripting will do best. Unprepared and unprofessional freelancers will do very poorly during this time.

Yes – I design websites & I slice them. I care about every detail, every pixel. Being the designer & slicer at the same time is something I strongly believe in.

Note; by slicing I mean “front-end development; xhtml, css, javascript, …”

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