My Barcamp Gent presentation

My presentation that I gave todat at Barcamp Gent; “What web designers could learn from print designers”.

This presentation is about what we (as web designers) could learn from print designers.

This presentation covers; typography, white space, composition, thinking bigger, visual language and other practical design tips.

You can also download the presentation as a PDF file.

Big thank you to all the people who attended my presentation – see you all on the next barcamp!

3 Reacties op “My Barcamp Gent presentation

    • Ewald
    • 4 December 2008 omstreeks 9:25
    • Nice presentation! Short but powerful. Also very well designed, as it should be. ;)

    • Stijn
    • 23 December 2008 omstreeks 8:34
    • Interesting presentation. Worth seeing twice, even without speech. Thank you very much, Erlend.

    • Ivo Ivanov
    • 21 June 2009 omstreeks 13:03
    • Great well designed presentation!

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