I won’t stop blogging that’s for sure – but starting from today, all the articles on this blog will be written in English. The last 2 years I’ve mainly been writing in Dutch; that’s about 376 blog posts – or almost 1 post every two days.

This decision doesn’t come suddenly, I’ve been playing with the idea quite a long time…

Three reasons why I will be blogging in English:

  1. Some of my readers know I recently switched jobs, whenever I’m blogging on our company blog I feel myself more comfortable writing in English. It gives me the ability to put more depth and feeling in some of my articles. Besides that, I will be crossposting some articles every now and then.
  2. 99% of the blogs I follow and articles I read are written in English – that’s not a bad thing, but since I do like to quote and share insights based upon other people’s articles: why not do it in English instead of dutch?
  3. One of the most important reasons: I’d really like to reach new (and more!) people with this blog – share my experiences, insights, my approaches & solutions – to me it’s like making friends in a new town.

Yes – there will be spelling mistakes & grammatically incorrect sentences, I consider this a good exercise and feedback is always welcome.

PS: For now, the dutch articles will remain available.

5 Reacties op “Finito

    • Ewald
    • 21 June 2008 omstreeks 17:10
    • Congratulations!

    • STeVe
    • 21 June 2008 omstreeks 19:43
    • ‘… I’ve mainly been writing …” instead of “… been mainly writing …” – Just so you know.
      Congrats on the switch.

    • Xavez
    • 22 June 2008 omstreeks 11:10
    • “gramatically incorrect” in stead of “gramatical incorrect” and “I consider this a good exercise” in stead of “I consider this as a good exercise”.

      I hope people won’t start correcting grammar mistakes like this. It’s just so goddamned annoying :).

      Anyway, congrats! Although I personally prefer to maintain my blog in Dutch: there are never enough resources in languages different from English. I sometimes like to think switching to English has more to do with boosting one’s ego, than with anything else. But then again, I suppose the argument of reaching more people, which results in sharing thoughts with more people, may be considered a valid argument. The best of luck! And I may only hope you never stop posting interesting content ;-).

    • Erlend
    • 22 June 2008 omstreeks 20:20
    • Fixed my mistakes – thanks y’all

    • Vos
    • 25 June 2008 omstreeks 13:10
    • “I feel myself”? Like dats not a lidderal flemish translation from the dutch language to the engrish ones!?

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